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Save our green lane network.

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Rights of Way Survey

Everyone knows that our footpaths, bridleways and byways are being churned up by scramblers and 4 wheel drive vehicles, right?  Well, no, not right, that's what everyone is being told but the evidence shows that it is more likely to be horses or agricultural vehicles that are doing most damage.

What can we do to help clarify what damage is being caused to our Rights of Way network and who or what is responsible? What is needed is a survey of as many as possible of the footpaths, bridleways, Rupps and byways in the UK. The survey should be unbiased and objective. The evidence I've seen so far suggests that the vast majority of our rights of way are not being damaged at all. In fact there is more chance of them being overgrown and impassable through lack of use. Where there is damage then it is often caused by horses, agricultural vehicles or simply the weather (and poor drainage).

You may have noticed that a huge number of radio news items start with the phrase, "a recent survey has shown..." - this is our chance to set the record straight before the Government and Alun Michael in particular spoil the countryside for ever. Download the rights of way survey form now, full instructions are printed on the reverse.

The following photos all show typical damage to green lanes in my area (Wiltshire):

Surface of this well used byway is excellent except for tractor damage

This bridleway is blocked to vehicles - all the damage here is caused by horses except for one bicycle track

A single horse has scooped up the surface which had already been marked by a tractor

This Rupp is almost never used by vehicles - all this damage has been caused by horses